Apple Watch in 2020 and 2021 - Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 6
Apple Watch in 2020 and 2021 - Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 6   

  Hi everyone i want to help you decide which apple watch is right for you now this is the current offering from apple new right now so if you were to go to an apple store or go to these are the three options you can buy right now as far as the series of watches you may be able to find others available elsewhere but these are the only ones currently sold new from apple and so what we have is the series 3 apple watch this is in the 42 millimeter size then we have the apple watch se this is the newer se in the 40 millimeter size and then we have the apple watch series 6 in 44 millimeters and in product red one of the new colors and so let's talk about what the offerings are for each one price and then talk about how they compare with one another so we'll start with the series three apple watch and apple only offers this in a couple different variants now so for example they offer an aluminum with space gray and aluminum that's it as far as the colors and then also they offer it for 199 for 38 

millimeters or 229 for 42 millimeters and they offer it with the ion x glass which this is and it does scratch so once the display turns off here you can see the scratches at the top this was accidentally brushed against a brick wall when walking down the street and unfortunately it scratched it so it does scratch fairly easy now it is cheaper and it does not come in the other variants when it was new that they offered such as stainless steel or any of the others you can only get it in aluminum now and you can only get it with wi-fi there is no cellular available for this particular model now the apple watch se is available in a couple different variants for example 279 for the 40 millimeter or 309 for the 44 millimeter if you want to add cellular add an additional 30 dollars and there's a new family setup within the iphone app that you can allow your child to have an apple watch paired to your phone directly and so if we go to the iphone you'll see here is my watches if i go to all watches in the upper left you'll see the three watches that are currently paired and you can add additional watches but you will need a cellular watch in order to add it so that means your option is the se or the series six and that is what you can get to add a child and then you can use this on a monthly plan to set up different things now you can't do that with a series three now this is available in aluminum and it's also available in gold silver and space gray this is the space gray with the product red band but you can change out any band you want with it. 

So you get the idea it's basically a very similar watch to what we have with the series six we'll talk about a couple other differences in just a moment now with the series 6 apple watch you've got a couple different options now since this is the latest you have 399 for a 40 millimeter or this is the larger 429 for 44 millimeter and then again if you want to add gps and cellular add an additional thirty dollars plus you'll have to have a monthly plan now the thing with the series six as you can see it's in red it also comes in blue gold silver and space gray and aluminum stainless steel and titanium and you can go all the way up to 1499 for a 44 millimeter hermes model and so you can go from this edition to the titanium edition which i'm actually wearing right now that's my main apple watch and so that's the difference between the watches themselves as far as the options but there are a lot of options with series six for example if you get the aluminum you've got ion x glass if you get the stainless steel or titanium you've got sapphire crystal which doesn't scratch very easily it's not super high quality sapphire but in the years of owning different sapphire versions of the apple watch i've never had a scratch on it with the ion x glass i will get scratches on them from time to time if you don't use a screen protector so that's something to keep in mind they also have other colors such as space black and graphite as well depending on if you have titanium or stainless steel this is the space black titanium so there's all of those additions on top of that there's also a nike edition which just has a couple different watch faces so you have all of those different versions as far as size and price so you can start at 199 and go all the way up to 1499. now when it comes to the displays this is a huge differentiating factor between all of them in fact you can see on the series three that i'm holding now that it's edge to edge but it's squared off on the se and the series six it's actually rounded and you can see that it's a little bit bigger on the 44 millimeter and so you've got that very big difference also the se and the series six are quite a bit brighter they actually share the same displays but the series 6 has an always on display so if i tilt my wrist on my titanium series 6 you'll see if i tilt it off to the side give it a moment it sort of goes to sleep but it's still on it's always on so you have that option with the series six you don't get that with the se or the series three so those are the differences in the displays and then also the series six and sc are a little bit brighter so they're easier to see out in sunlight now as far as the physical part of the watches you can see the series three watch has a little bit different look to it so if i hold it next to the series six you'll see there's slight differences the button sizes are slightly different and you don't see a huge difference until you look at the left side where there's the speakers on the series six and the right with the product red edition are very different and then also the sensors are very different on the bottom so you can see the sensor differences in the differences on the senses are different between the se as well so let me flip this one over here so the series six being the latest has the latest features it has a blood oxygen app as well as ecg so we'll actually check your blood oxygen level so you can go into the watch and then you go to blood oxygen we'll go up to the top here we can go to blood oxygen and you can rest your wrist down and it will check it throughout the day so if i hit start it counts down from 15 seconds and then checks my blood oxygen level and you can see my blood oxygen level is 97 now you also get the ecg option depending on where you live it actually has to be approved by your local government but you have ecg and again you set your wrist down put your finger on the digital crown and then wait 30 seconds for it to give you a reading of your ecg and you'll see it's finishing up.

And it says sinus rhythm which is the normal rhythm that you want in 85 beats per minute and so we'll measure that it will let you know throughout the day whether or not it senses an arrhythmia it will let you know if you have high and low heart rate the se and the series 3 with their sensors do not get that monitoring of ecg and blood's blood oxygen level so they are different sensors as you can see here very different from left to right series three sc in the middle and series six on the right and they all have ceramic backs to keep them a little bit more durable and the sc and the series six are a little bit different in that they are even more durable due to the bottom of the watch and so series 3 and sc don't have that but they do have up to 50 meter water resistance they also have high and low heart rate notifications as well as irregular heart rate or heart rhythm notifications and series 3 as you can see has a different sensor this is the first gen sensor optical heart sensor sc has the second gen and the series six has the third gen so it's not a huge deal but it does make a difference based on what you want your watch to do and what health features you're looking for now they all have an altimeter built into them to tell you altitude but the series 6 will let you know in real time what the the altitude is you can find this in the compass app if you go on to your series 6 you've got the compass app and it will tell you in real time as well what your incline is what your elevation is and it just lets you know and records that in the health app securely if you want to know that now there's a couple things that the series 6 and se have that the series 3 do not the series 3 does not have an always-on altimeter it also doesn't have emergency fall detection in the series 3. 

So maybe you're wearing your watch you accidentally slip and fall maybe on ice or on a slippery surface the series 3 can't detect that but it can detect all the other things i've mentioned already they also all have emergency sos but the series 3 doesn't have the ability to call internationally for example why that is i'm not sure because it's paired back to your watch but if you need to use sos which can be sent by pressing and holding the power button just keep pressing you'll see emergency sos and then you can send that if you need help it won't call internationally though so you don't get that with the series 3.

 Also series 3 doesn't have the compass i showed earlier and also series 3 has a first generation speaker and microphone so they're just not as good overall and you lose one thing with the series 3 and that's haptic feedback with the digital crown as you're scrolling around and doing different things with the series 6 or the se you'll actually feel as you scroll up and down through menus it's kind of giving a little click and letting you know what's going on so it's more of a haptic feedback and if you're visually impaired this could be really helpful so that's what all of these have now as far as wireless there's some slight differences with the wireless connectivity as well between all of them so for example the series 3 has wi-fi 802.11 bgn and 2.4 gigahertz and bluetooth 4.2 that's pretty similar in the se which also has wi-fi 802.11 bgn 2.4 gigahertz but bluetooth 5.0 but they've updated it a little bit in the series 6 where it has 802.11 bg and n 2.4 and 5 gigahertz and bluetooth 5.0 so you've got all of those things now when you're using these day today there's going to be a little bit of a difference because the series 3 has the slowest processor so it has the dual core s3 chip so for example if i go into the app switcher we'll do the same on say the series 6 and let's try and open an application and see how long it takes so maybe we'll go to let's find just the calculator i haven't opened them on either so let's find the calculator here and there's the calculator let's go ahead and open it on both and you'll see on the series six it opens almost immediately on the series three that's only one or two seconds slower so we'll go back out and let's try another one so maybe we'll open the workout app so we'll go down to workouts and let's open workout so we'll tap on workout and you'll see that time they opened similarly fast so it really depends on what you're doing but as you use it throughout the day you will notice a slight difference depending on the task that you're trying to accomplish of course you have a lot more features on the series six and the se is very fast as well so for example let's open the workout app and you'll see it opens right up if i go back out again let's open the compass that'll take a second since it hasn't been open and there we go so it's pretty fast but not as fast as a series six so they're both very quick in most tasks but the series six is noticeably faster it's also more power efficient so over day over the day's use you should get a little bit more battery out of the series 6 apple watch so my series 6 for example let me swipe up is at 75 after taking this off the charger at about eight or nine a.m this morning and it's 5 p.m already and i'm still at 75 percent now if i was using this for a workout throughout the day that's going to deplete a little bit faster but in general i find that i go to bed with about fifty percent of my battery life left it will get me through about two days now one thing with the series three that you still get the benefit of is all of the watch bands so even if you want one of the newest watch bands they're available for this watch so this is just the sport band that comes with it we'll remove it here and we can use the brand new sport loop or any of the larger ones if it's for the larger watch or smaller bands for the smaller watches of past so if you have a huge band collection you can use them with any of them so this is a brand new sport loop elastic band you can use this with the 38 mm or the 40 millimeter series 3 or older or even the newest 44 millimeter series six so they're all.

Compatible as long as it's the matching larger or smaller size so you've got that option as well which is always nice now finally with watch os 7 we got a bunch of new features but the series 3 watch doesn't get a bunch of the watch faces so we've got a lot of similar apps but if we press and hold we'll swipe over here and add a new watch face now you can see all of the watch faces we have with the series 3. so you've got some of the new ones such as the new art one for example but as we scroll through you'll see that most of these are what we've had for a few years on the series three so not a whole lot that's different here there's a few that are new but not a ton if we go over to the se or series 3 for example press and hold and go over tap on new we have a much larger selection so we've got california chronograph pro we've got count up you'll see as we go through gmt just a bunch of extra ones that we don't have on the other watch so you will get those additional watch faces with those additional features and you'll see i'm still going there we go and so you'll get all of those extra watch faces and what you'll get is updates for a longer time over the years so currently we're at watch os seven i would expect the series three at least since they're still selling it to be supported for a couple more years but with the se and the series 6 for example i would expect that to be supported for many years since apple supports their software for many years i would expect at least three to five years at this point until we have a major update and they release maybe a series 10 apple watch or series 11 apple watch so at this point i personally would not go near a series 3 unless you got a tremendous deal on it i would opt for an se or a series 6 or maybe if you can find a used series 5 and you don't care about the blood oxygen monitoring in this particular one then maybe go that route but i really would say get an se or a series 6 with the latest software on it and all of the latest updates so hopefully that helped you decide which one was is right for you and which one you should pick up let me know in the comments. 


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