- Hey guys, so today I'm gonna show you a couple of free Backlink checkers so that you can check thebacklinks of any website and test the quality, see where they get their links from, maybe spy on your competitors, whatever you wanna do. So the first tool that we'regoing to look at is ahrefs.com so you can visit thisURL over here and yeah, basically this gives you afree breakdown of a backlink.

So we're just gonna goahead and type in an example website here, by the way, I like using the ahrefssimply because they're one of the most active crawlers on the internet. So after Google, it's thesecond most active crawler. Which means that they have avery in depth and comprehensive backlink database. Andtherefore, you know, most of the information youget from there is going to be fairly accurate.

So we'regoing to type in the URL here. We're going to include subdomains so you can choose, right. Do you want subdomains? So all domains under this website or do you want to just see the exact URL? So we want to look at sub domains and click check backlinks, click the CAPTCHA. And after that, it's going to pop up with allthe details from this website in terms of it's backlinks. Okay, so you can see here, we've got the full backlinkprofile for this website, and it's going to give you, first of all, a domain rating score.

Now domain rating is basically the measure of a website's authority. Okay? So it shows how many backlinksare going to this site, the quality of those backlinks. And then it rates it on ascale of zero to a hundred, a hundred being the highest,zero being the lowest. Basically that gives youthe score of the site. And also you can see how many backlinks that website's got and thepercentage that Dofollow, and then moving on we cansee referring domains.

So the difference betweenbacklinks and referring domains is the fact that this is thetotal number of links, but it could include duplicate websites. So it could be like 10 websites, all pointing at 10 differentplaces to the site. Whereas this is a measureof how many unique URLs are pointing to this site. And as you can see, 39% Dofollow. If we scroll down here, it gives you a breakdownof the top 100 backlinks, the top five anchor links,and the top five pages that are on Backlinks, okay? So if you scroll down, we can see, right, these are the top 100backlinks this site has.

And this is very useful becauseyou can see not only your own backlink profile, but also if you want to checkyour competitors to see where are they getting links from? You could easily do that here. And then you get a breakdownof domain rating like we were talking about before Referring domains going to each site and the amount of traffic that particular page gets. And then next up we've gotthe top five anchors here, so you can see the anchor text.

So this is the word that peopleclick on to get to the link. And you see here is awebsite about cryptocurrency. So these are the top five, most common anchor texts usedsuch as Bitcoin, Ethereum. How many of these links are Dofollow, and the referring domains in total. And then moving on here, we have the top five pagesthat have the most backlinks. So these are the most popular pages for landing backlinks on the site. You get a breakdown of UR. UR rating is basically the strength of a page's link profile on a hundred point scale. So you can see which pageshave the most strength on that website. And as you can see,this has the top score. And then also you can see how many Dofollow links point to each page. And when that link was first seen. Now this isn't the full amount of data that Ahrefs can show you, they do have the paid plan, but if you just want tofree backlink checker, then you can just use this section and it will give you afairly decent breakdown.

 Now there is a freealternative to Ahrefs as well. So this is another usefulbackground checker, which is Neil Patel's tool. So you can go toneilpatel.com/backlinks as we see here and basicallyfind out who links you, who links your competition and basically see a fullscope of a backlink profile. So let's type in an example again here, search for it over here. And this will give us a breakdown of this website's backlinks again So once it loads, you'regoing to see a report that looks something like this, okay? So again, kind of similarto Ahrefs' domain rating they also have the domain score. And this basically checksthe website strength from zero to a hundred, in terms of the amount ofauthority that website has. And obviously the moreauthority a website has, typically the easierit's going to be to rank. And then you can alsosee how many backlinks that website has too.

And how many of thosebacklinks are actually Nofollow versus Dofollow. The number of referring domains again. And how many of those have .gov and .edu? Actually, this website haszero .gov or .edu sites linking to it. And also the organic monthlytraffic to that site. And if we scroll down, we cansee the backlinks over time. So we'll see, right, have thebacklinks increased over time? Is this website doingactive link building? Does it have any sort of average going? And as you can see, the number of links for this site has actuallykind of stagnated. So I wouldn't say they'rethe building links actively, and then also how many links are coming in versus how many have been lost. So as you can see here, you can see these are the links coming in, the ones above zero.

And the links that have been lost. Now, as you scroll down, you get a figure of how manybacklinks this website has. So it has 9,356 in total. You can also filter themto follow and Nofollow, or you can see all links in total. And then for each link,it gives you a breakdown of the page title, URL, thedomain score of each website, that's linking to it, the page score, link type, and then also what anchortext is being used too. And then also what's kind of useful, you can see the first seen figure. So when the link was first indexed versus when it was last seen. So sometimes links drop offand this last seen figure is basically when the link waslast confirmed that was live. So yeah, you can basically scroll down. You can see all thelinks for this website. If you upgrade, you canactually see more data.

So most of these freebacklink checkers are also always going to have a free trial, a free sample that you can use and then pay a little bit extra to upgrade and see the full stack of data. But as we scroll up, this basically gives us a useful profile of a website's backlinks. So, you know, if you're lookingat your website you can see right, what kind of sort of backlinks are pointing to my site? Are they high quality? Do I need to disavow any? Is my backlink profile clean? But then also you can lookat a competitor's backlink profile and you can say, right, they're getting backlinksfrom X, Y, Z websites, maybe I want to contact them too, and therefore you can see right, these are potential prospects, I can contact for a link as well. But then also, you know, if you're going to buy likea website in the future or something like that, then you want to checkthe backlink profile of that site too, because before you buy it,you want to make sure, okay. Is it a clean backlink profile? Have they been buildingbacklinks legitimately? Or how many backlinks doesthat website actually have? So there's all sorts ofinteresting ways that you can use a backlink checker andit's incredibly useful. So thanks for watching guys Hope you enjoyed this video.

 If you did, please smash a like on it. And if you have any questionsabout link building or SEO let me know in the comments section below, I'd be really happy to help. And also make sure you check out the other link building videoson my YouTube channel, they're going to help you ifyou want to get more backlinks and build high quality backlinks. You can also see my playlists over here. And I've got all sorts oflink-building playlists on how to build more backlinks, casestudies, and how to use HARO and things like that. So this will really help youif you want more resources on how to build links. 

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