Hi everyone Aaron here for Zollotech andthis is the oneplus nord this is a phone that's not available here in the unitedstates where i live for some reason but oneplus was nice enough to help metake a look at it and so the prices that i'll list will befor the uk and india and so i don't really have anequivalent here in the united states but it seems to beunder 500 here at least if you were able to buy onenow it's 379 pounds to 469 pounds and as you can see here's the price in india aswell there are two separate variants eightgigabytes of ram with 128 gigabytes of storage and 12 gigabytes of ram with 256gigabytes of storage so you've got those two options and twocolors as well gray onyx and blue marble now unfortunately when i took thewrapper off for the first time the camera was not recording for somereason but everything else is still in the package wrapped so let's go aheadand open it up and as you can see it says this way nordwe'll set that aside take a look at it in a moment and theninside the box we've got our normal paperwork let'stake a look at it here so it says here's a welcome letterand if you want to read it i'll just zoom in here a little bit if you want topause it and take a look at that and then also let's see what we've gotso we have a case so they included a tpu case which is always nicethe note 20 ultra here in the united states at least doesn't get a case soit's nice to see that included and then we've got some other thingshere as well so we have a sim card removal tool and then we have someoneplus nord stickers a quick start guide safety informationand highest sar value ratings so here are theratings if you're curious about those and let's set these aside we grab thesim card tool so we can take a look at thesim card tray and then inside the box we havea typical oneplus usba to usbc adapter for charging and it includes a warpcharger now this will be interesting to use since i've never used a warp chargerit's a 30 watt charger that should charge the oneplus nord to70 percent from zero in 30 minutes or so so here you cansee the ratings on the charger so it'll beinteresting to try that out and let's take a closer look at theoneplus nord so let's take the wrapper off here and this is that really nice blue colorand hopefully you can see this well through the camera and youtube hasn'ttweaked it too much with their compressionbut it's a really nice color and let's go around the outside edge and thenwe'll talk about specs so of course we have the display i'lltalk about that in a moment on the right hand side of the phone you've got yourpower sleep wake button and then you've got your silent switchwhich is always nice to see on an android phoneon the bottom you have a speaker usb c port another microphone here and then wehave our sim card tray so let's go ahead andpop the sim card out or the tray out ratherand this should be a dual sim card tray sowe've got one for each side and then you've got a little rubber gasket on theoutside edge so that you can have a little bit ofwater sealing protection although this is not ip ratedon the left hand side we've got a volume rocker on the top we've got a microphoneand then of course we've got cameras on the front and back so let's talk aboutthe internal specs and then talk about the specs of the cameranow the display is a 6.44 inch 90 hertz amoled display so it's not quite up tothe spec of say a note 20 ultra or a oneplus 8pro but it should be plenty fast for mostit's 2400 by 1080 with 408 pixels per inchand supports p3 wide color it has gorilla glass 5 on the front andprobably on the back it is glass i'm not sure if that's what's on the back 

thoughinternally it has a snapdragon 765 g cpu from qualcomm and it also has anadreno 620 gpu again 8 gigabytes or 12 gigabytes of ramthis is the 12 gigabyte variant with gigabytes of storage the storage is notupgradable now as far as the battery inside it's 4115 milliamp hoursagain it has warp charge 30t so it shouldcharge very quickly and let's take a look at the cameras now theforward-facing cameras are pretty interesting on this phoneit's a 32 megapixel sony sensor with an f 2.45 aperture andsupports 4k 60 video next to it we have an ultra wide 108 degree field of view8 megapixel camera with an f 2.45 aperturenow on the back this is where some people say they're underwhelmed with thecameras of course i'll take a look at it in a little bitbut the first camera is a 48 megapixel f 1.75 aperture sony sensorthey took out of the oneplus 8 pro and it has opticalimage stabilization next there's an 8 megapixel wide angle lens with an f 2.25aperture and 119 degree field of view then we have a 5 megapixel depth sensorwith an f 2.4 aperture and a 2 megapixel macrowith an f 2.4 aperture now supposedly the back isgood for 4k 30. so i'll check that out in the settings again just to verify butlet's go ahead and turn it on now while this boots up i'll talk aboutthe wi-fi and this has 802.11 a b g n in ac so no wi-fi 6 but it alsosupports bluetooth 5.1 has nfc gps and all the other sensorsyou would expect so we'll wait for it to boot up here and this has oxygen os 10.5 so android10 with all of the oxygen os stuff on top of itso i'll go ahead and set it up i'll take a closer look at it take some photosand again do a little bit of a comparison and i'll come back in a bitwhen it's all set up to take a closer looknow i have the oneplus nord completely set up and i've been using it for wellsince yesterday i got it all set up used itthrough the night and now it's the next dayand so the overall experience is really great i haven't used oxygen os for awhile and what they've done with this is sort of give you asimple stock android or really more of the google pixel experiencebut with a few things on top so of course it's fully customizableand then you have this silent switch which i think all android phones shouldinclude you've got three different levels heresilent vibrate and ring and i just really enjoy using this phoneit's super fast thanks to the 90 hertz display andin general because of the 90 hertz display and what they've done with thisdisplay it's really quite nice so you have therefresh rate set to 90. of course you can change this if you'd likebut usually pwm which controls the displaybothers my eyes but it's at such a high rate that it doesn't bother my eyes atall and i noticed this right away with thedisplay now normally i can tell within probably 15 minutes whether or not adisplay will bother my eyes but the pwm rate or theway it controls brightness is so high that it really won't bother most peopleand so i thought i'd show you a comparison side by side here with thepixel 4a so it's a little bit bigger with theoneplus nord i like the larger size and the oneplus nord definitely feelsbuilt a lot better it has better ergonomics the way it fits in your handsit feels like a premium device even though not at premium prices such as theoneplus 8 pro the pixel 4a is cheaper may have abetter camera we'll check that out in a momentbut the pixel 4a is plastic where the oneplus nord is metal and glass so itjust has a more premium feel to it the warp charging on the oneplus nord issuper fast which is great i tried it out and just using this phone has reallybeen great i really like this interface i think it's one of the bestimplementations of android in fact it may be better than the pixel experienceand of course you have google now off to the side and then your camera app havinga 90 hertz display on this phone really makes a big difference it's justsuper smooth when you turn it down you can notice the difference immediatelyand next to say the pixel 4a for example if we go into thethe app switcher they're both fairly fast but you can just see the smoothnessof the oneplus nord compared to the pixel 4a there's just a difference thatyou have to sort of experience in person tounderstand it's just nice and smooth all of the time of course that does eatinto battery a little bit but i think the cost is worth itespecially when you're using it now as far as the speakers go this is the onearea i was really disappointed in this phoneyou've got one speaker you've got one on the bottomthe top is not a speaker so if we go into a video of minenow let's go into my note 20 ultra 5g unboxingpause it here i'll turn it and then i'll move the microphone so you can hear thespeaker hot spot or whatever you'd like it's gotbluetooth 5.0 a2dp for audio and aptx andall sorts of other things like gps nfc and everything you couldreally want in a phone so the speaker sounds okaybut it's not incredible it does get pretty loud but it gets a littlemuffled at high volumes so it's not anything great it will do the job but idefinitely recommend using headphones so maybe the onepluswireless headphones or oneplus buds and try those out withthis you'll get a better experience now the camera is where it may struggle alittle bit compared to the pixel 4a so i took a bunch of sampleimages to compare so let's go ahead and take a look atsome of the images and the video as well so here's the forward-facing video fromthe oneplus nord and the pixel 4a and the oneplus nord actually has twolenses so you could make it an ultra wide if you want andi'll show you that in a moment and then the pixel 4a just has the singular lensso let me know which one you think looks best and sounds best inthe comments below so here's the ultra wide on the oneplusnord so it does look quite a bit wider so you have much moreof the scene behind you compared to what you have on the pixel4a so this may be helpful for quite a few people especially if you're tryingto take selfies with a group of people or just video with a group of people uh while oneplus nord technically doesn'thave the fastest cpu out there it's actually plenty fast so if we goover to call of duty it'll switch to game mode as you can seethere gaming mode is on and if we pull down from the top we cango see our gaming mode settings and you have game space and answer callsvia speaker you can turn all of these offgraphic optimization it's actually off and it's working finebut i'll just turn it on and let's go back to the game and we'll hit start soi'll just show you what it's like as far as frame rateand then we'll talk about heat on the back of the phone after i've played thisfor a bit just to see if it gets really warmso let's wait for it to load and as you can seethis is the pre-match so a hiccup there for a second just when it restarted i'lljust hit select and everything seems to be nice andfluid and fast so of course this is shipment so i probablywon't last too long but i'm not going to play a full round i just want to showyou what the frame rates are like so everything's nice and smooth and fastno issues here seems to be working well soi think it will handle gaming no problem everything's super fast as you can seeit doesn't seem to slow down at all so we'll go out of the game it seems to benice and fast the phone does get a little bit warmright around the camera module but it's handling it nicely and of course youhave that gaming mode and it's not too hot to hold on to idon't think it's a problem you could probably leave it plugged in whileyou're playing and i don't think you'd have too much of an issue it's not verywarm at all so it did a nice job of that the screenlooked great even though it's a 60 frame per second game usually it's lockedaround that the screen looked great it was smooth atall times and i really think it'll be a great phonedespite one issue with the speaker since there's only one you're not hearing bothso play this with headphones and it would be much better i thinknow overall battery life i think will be pretty good although i've only used iti've taken it off the charger late last night set it aside andactually shut it off so i could boot it up this morning with a fairly fullcharge and see what we get so if we go to ourbattery here you'll see it says it should last untilabout 2 am battery saver is off and view usagedetails and so i've been using it this morningmostly with the camera to take sample images and soit's pretty good overall and i think it will get most people through a day ofcourse warp charging it it only takes 15minutes or so and you're good to go or 30 minutes and you have 70charge now for this price i think this is one of the best deals out therethere's only a couple things i don't like about it it doesn't have wirelesscharging which is something i really have cometo use a lot and i'm accustomed to so that part i really wish it had i alsowish they maybe would have reduced the cameras maybe to just two cameras wouldhave been fine two or three depending on what you wantmaybe a normal telephoto in wide angle similar to an iphone for example butone or two would have been fine and the macro camera is okaybut i don't know that it's necessary per se i do like that it has the wide anglecameras on the front and i think that's a nice little touchbut in general this is a great phone and this one plus phone i think issomething that they should offer in the united states i think a lot more peoplewould buy it than they realize being 500 or so the pixel 4a is greatbut the overall software support of oxygen os being about the same as thepixel 4a shouldn't really be an issue for most peoplei think it's great that people are supporting their phones longer so weshould get about three years of guaranteed updates with either phonebut let me know which one you like most in the comments below i really like thisoneplus nord in fact i'll continue to use it for alittle while and maybe the only downside compared to the pixel 4a is the cameraso i think it's a really nice premiumdevice great display and i really enjoy using it so let meknow what you think about it in the comments below if you'd like to get yourhands on this oneplus wallpaper i'll leave it in the description like inormally do and if you haven't subscribed already please subscribeand if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watchingthis is Aaron i'll see you next time you 

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