Hi keyword optimization is very important for the development of our channel especially for how our content is recommended or read by algorithmic machines from YouTube but not many people know how how to optimize a keyword that is right for our content well in this video we will provide some information a website that you can use to check a keyword good or not and how much a keyword is searched on the Youtube engine continue to watch the video this time Keywords or seemingly still a scourge for all of us a YouTuber content Creator or blogger yes or you are the writer because this keyword is quite difficult to find understood because this keyword always develops along with the development of the algorithm. From YouTube, it is erased because it is This channel specializes in How to develop a YouTube channel for all of you but In fact we are facilitated by the number of application websites that provide option Provide tools or provide tools that we can use for do a research Are the keywords that we will use are good or not some applications or websites that you can use to optimize You can check the keywords that will be used the next time on the card above In that video, we discuss 9 tools that you can use to do SEO research or keywords 

that you will use in the content or on description or title of your content. and video this time we will discuss a website that you can use for check how good the keywords you will use in your content this website indeed It's only been counted for us for us because we just found out and we've been experimenting we'll guide you start from the beginning to the end of using applications this website But unfortunately again this website is not a free paid website, but you can use it account which free and before we get into the video in detail discussion of this website it's a good idea for you to subscribe first then yes because with your subscribe helps this channel to keep you informed latest on YouTube for all of you Okay let's go inside discussion of websites that you can use to do keyword research for your content Okay now we will discuss websites that you can use to research a keyword that I am using here Kparser.com or you can click the link in the description on this website you can use Research on several platforms Yes, like here on Google, Google Mobile, Google News, Google shopping, google Platforms that can be used for do keyword research yes there are options which country we want to aim at here is really good right if we will of course be in Indonesia so we can aim where the audience will come from, okay Then we can choose to use English, Arabic or other languages Then we click first, this website is long, it is quiet in kparser continue this about its Advance it contains like this continue here it is YouTube kparser Later you can Entering the keyword in the text section Yes because it is This tag is quite how it affects Youtube reads our content but descriptions the title also affects so don't you forget it too okay Well, this one from his YouTube analytics For Bing, there are still many more, right down to the bottom, how about it this application is okay So just at a glance Well here This website pays off if you want to use the complete one try account but you can use the free ones too, 

I'm Neng, we'll create an account later For free, OK, now we immediately create an account here continue to use the one tomorrow which is $ 0 per month we get an unlimited amount keyword ... 38 languages Well, if you guys later find the keyword after we use the engine later we can download the keyword and we can open it in Microsoft Excel nha we just have to choose I'll be told you later How much is the CPC The data volume value is how much we are told it's more accurate but you pay we just use the basics Continue to us Have to fill this first, make it gmail you can use your gmail after that you click submit Okay, here we already have this account If you want to stay part of the account and so on, you can tease yourself, so now we just shorten the time we go straight to the How to do keyword research section well here I try or the keys are Uh the standards on YouTube are more than two words If only one word is too general, yes, if possible, 2/3 words, at least yes tools keywod tools on YouTube because I play on YouTube, the country I choose Indonesia Indonesia continues. The language is also Indonesian if you want to use Indonesian, the language is English I haven't tried it before. But if you want to try it's okay keep clicking start Later we waiting their machine is looking so the result is like this later here are some keywords that you can use it here is the value of That according to this website the value is like this and if you are a Pro later here you will have the search volume it is clear that the CPC is also coming so later if the Pro is more complete and later if keywords are good or bad, it can be seen from Renu and the volume if the volume is high means to part 

The search for these keywords is quite a lot and good for you to do Optimize keywords on your channel or you can go straight Just copy and paste the input into the tag or description or so make the title with a little modification So if you feel this is enough you can click stop I am still a little bit lacking this because most of it is still The value is still below 70 some are even below 80 if you can take those above 80 I'll be fine if something like this is still common Let's stop first Stop, let's see earlier what I used was the keyword keyword tool or keyword tools you can use both but the important thing at least two words Yes because it is just that one word too general later the machine looks for the year well like this keyword tools pretty good value continue Now this free YouTube keyword tools is pretty good Keeping this 86 is good, you can use it youtube keyword tools means that many people are looking for keywords like this Then there are a lot of these 96 Well, here, even though it's 96, we'll see how much the search volume is if you are a small channel try indeed use the value The volume is in the middle, don't raise it too high. Ok, you guys are too high Later you will lose to channels with large subscribers, broadcast hours are already big it's a bit difficult later we want to compete well like this huh Put it here. Later you can export export Excel Downloaded Jump around Export in excel if you want to include clickable direct copy filled in the description of the title or in Tag the bottom of your content that was a little discussion about websites that you can use for helps you research a good keyword for your content I hope the video was useful for all of you and if it is useful Don't forget to subscribe to this channel and keep on supporting this channel to keep you informed latest on youtube for all of you Don't forget to share too, if indeed this video is useful for your friends. Okay, see you in the next video Regards 

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