How to Get Traffic to Your Website FAST
 How to Get Traffic to Your Website FAST 

  Today I will show you how to get trafficto your website fast I want to stress that this traffic method is very veryfast you don't have to wait for backlinks you don't have to wait forrankings it just works fast I'm not exaggeratingwhen I'm saying that you can get traffic with this method the same day and thistraffic method works in any niche so you can get traffic to your blog to yourwebsite to your affiliate links in any niche starting today let me show youjust a little taste of what you can do with this method imagine here is theYouTube video that has had 55,000 views about easy guitar songs and as you cansee here the owner of this video has got a link to the website where this isprobably an affiliate link where they are selling a guitar course and fromfifty five thousand views I mean there's going to be a lot of people thousands ofpeople who would have clicked on this link and they would have gone andprobably purchased something.

 I recommended guitar course or otherguitar related products so imagine if you could take over this link if thislink could actually become yours imagine how much traffic you could begetting to your website to your affiliate link if all of a sudden thislink would become yours I mean this video is a popular video fifty fivethousand views well guess what I figured out a way to take over these links letme show you something cool if we take this domain right here strum easy guitarsongs and we check this domain in namecheap.comyou will see that you can actually buy this domain right now for eight dollarsus or twelve dollars Australian and these domain once you buy it you canredirect it to your affiliate link and all of that traffic from this video viathat domain will go to your affiliate link to your blog to your websitestarting today now guys this is not an accident of course I did a little bit ofresearch before this video and I'm going to show you in this video how you canfind tons of these opportunities dozens hundreds thousands it's unlimited theseopportunities are everywhere it just requires a little bit of knowledge and alittle bit of research and you can find tons of videos like this and also videoson other websites on Quora where all of these links are bannedokay and you can take over those links right now starting today and just foreight an eight dollar investment you can start getting ongoing traffic from allof these sources going to your website to your opt-in pages to your affiliatelinks hi everyone my name is Greg Kononenko if you're new to my channel Irun this channel caffeinated bloggers where I upload regular videos aboutmaking money online affiliate marketing and traffic generation I'm a full timeonline marketer and longer myself so if you'd like to stay up to date with myvideos then please subscribe to my youtube channel just below this videoclick the subscribe button and enable all notifications so that you never missmy future videos alright let's get into the details all right so let's talkabout step by step how does this method actually work well for the purposes ofthis example let's say that you are in the guitar niche perhaps you've gotguitar blog and you're promoting some guitar related products but this methodcan actually work in any niche I'm just using the guitar niche purely as anexample you can do this in weight loss niche you can do this in exercise nichetravel anything that you can possibly imagine so here is exactly how you couldget traffic to your guitar website or to your guitar blog you see oftentimes whathappens is people upload videos to YouTube and this one as you can see wasuploaded almost 10 years ago and this video is quite popular 55,000 viewshowever the owner of this website has abandoned the channel and probably youknow something might have come up they've changed business direction buttheir videos have gone on to make lots and lots of views but generally as youknow with YouTube people put in links to their websites in their description butif they don't renew this website this website becomes available for public topurchase and you know oftentimes these videos with hundreds of thousands ofyears and they're just getting thousands of user day they just sit there and thisdomain here is basically abandoned so if anyone tries to click on this domainthey just get a broken link so this is where the opportunity for you comes inyou can buy this domain and once you buy the domain all of the people who clickon this link instead of seeing an error message they will actually be redirectedto your websites so if you've already gotanother website you can simply buy this domain and redirect that domain to gointo your site and that's exactly what I'm going to show you here sostep-by-step process to do that is to start typing in guitar so something likefor example here see guitar lessons for beginners and then you would go guitarlessons for beginners and what you would need to do is start clicking and openingall of these videos one by one here I guess you can open up several of them inin sort of multiple tabs and then start going through and testing whether all ofthese links here actually work so let's say here I'm going to click on this NDguitar dot Koike and check whether this actually works that this website is notabandoned it's an active website so it means that we can close this and then wejust need to continue going through all of these videos one by one and beforetoo long once you go through several of them you will actually be very likely tofind some domains that are abandoned that's exactly how I found thisparticular video here with the abandoned domain and guess what once you find oneof them this is truly amazing because if you open up the channel of the ownerwith all of these videos of course it means that all of the other videos youcan kind of take over as well right so if we look for example there's a videohere with 20,000 views fifty-five thousand views fifty-six thousand viewsand guess what all of these videos they're linking to the same domainstream each strum ez guitar songs calm strum easy guitar songs calm so by doingthe work once I can then go back to the channel and basically all of the clicksthat are currently being wasted for this whole channel if I can just take overthis domain then I will be able to get clicks not just from this one video butfrom all of the videos on their channel hope you can appreciate how actuallypowerful this is now guys I'm going to show you a little bit later an automatedway to do this as well okay there is an automated way to do this as well whichis the way that I've been doing it but we'll get to that in just a second so ifyou thinking this is kind of tedious yeah it can be but it definitely worksand once you've looked at all the video all thevideos for these particular keyword guitar lessons for beginners you canstart typing in other keywords that are you know that you're targeting with yourwebsite so in guitar tips for example guitar tips and tricks guitar chords youknow it gets our course for beginners guitar chords for popular songs theopportunities here are endless and you will find so so much opportunity it'scrazy but now let me show you the process of what to actually do once youhave found an opportunity just like this one here Stream easy guitar songs calmso you can take this domain and then check it in your preferred place whereyou can buy a domain I use Namecheap for all of mine and then chickens so here wecan see that strum is guitar songs I can basically just add to cut and buy rightnow and starting today as soon as I buy this I can get traffic to my website Ican get traffic to my affiliate links to anywhere I want really so once you goahead and buy you know pay the 8 bucks or whatever it's going to cost you tobuy this domain and then you need to redirect this domain to where you wantthose clicks to go so when people are watching this and then they click herewhere do you want to send them do you want to send them to your website youwant to send them to your affiliate link so once you're inside Namecheap go toyour domain and then you will be able to manage redirect to see where it saysredirect domain over here all you need to do is just insert these redirects andwhere it says destination URL put in the URL of your website or the URL of youraffiliate link and everybody who ends up clicking this link there will be sent towherever.

 You're redirecting them that's all there is to it now to talk aboutaffiliate marketing for just a quick second if you don't want to build awebsite you can basically just promote affiliate products this way as well forexample staying with the guitar niche there is a product jamorama it's sellingfor $97 the commission on this is 50% so a sales sale price you can see averages$100 you can basically make $50 per sale and you could simply just send all ofthese traffic to your affiliate link you don't even need the website for thisagain I hope you can understand the power of this this is a very verypowerful strategy you can redirect by this domain and once you've bought thisdomain simply redirect it to your affiliate linkany affiliate link that you want you don't have Thomas for my jamorama thisworks in any niche you can just send all of the traffic to any affiliate linkthat you want in any niche so yes there is a little bit of work involved youobviously need to go through pages and pages of results but you will find someexcellent opportunities but there is actually also the automated method whichis the way that I've been doing it and I'm gonna show you how to do this in theautomated method now as well to do the automated way you will need a softwareand this software is called my traffic Joker so I'm gonna show you how to usemy traffic jacket to find these results much quicker and easier and on many moreplatforms at once so once you here there's a ton of options I'm just gonnawalk you through some of these sort of the more basic ones the way that I'vebeen using this so firstly can research your keywords to do that just going tohere where it says keywords and it will give you some further suggestions so forexample if we go with guitar and we click search that'll give us somesuggestions like guitar chords guitar strings if we type in a couple of wordslike guitar tips for example that will give us some additional keywords so itadds one or two more keywords on the end of it so you can tie tips prog guitartips for short thing is guitar tips for fingers and you can research all ofthese keywords so what you would do is just go a guitar tips for beginners andthen you can click this little icon to start the search for that particularkeyword and that will open up this kind of dialogue where you can choose whatyou search for now the cool thing is that my traffic jack I actually can dothis for you for YouTube for Wikipedia for BBC and for Quora and you can findthese broken links on all these four places because Wikipedia will also havebroken links BBC will have broken links Quora will also have broken linksalright so you can do this for any or all four if you want so if you go withyoutube guitar tips more hands upload date alright so I suggest that youchange this to be at least six months in the past because you only want to checkvideos that have already had a good number of views and then what I let'ssay what can order it by viewcount pages to search you can go between 1 and 10 soalways put in 10 because this way you searching the maximum amount of videoand then click create now guys the search may take a little bit of time youcan see that this search finished pretty quickly and it said that it's found 32videos checked found 15 links but 0 of them I can see that to be target linksthat's ok we're not going to hit a jackpot with every search that's why wego back and we do another search and if we just want to research this particularkeyword we can go into research directly where we just enter the keywords sothese are all the keywords that I've researched before and we can create anew research YouTube once again keyword guitar tips for beginners and here wecan go water by view count pages to search again we want 10 and we clickcreate and once again that'll go away and that will do all of the researchthere so you can see it's finding hundreds of videos now and it's checkingthem all and guess what here we've got four target links I've done this live infront of you it's still searching okay but we've already found four targetlinks for this keyword and that's just one search you can do this for hundredsfor thousands tens of thousands different keywords very quickly justlike that now here you've got all of the results but you want to choose here hasavailable domains alright and that will only highlight the videos that have gotdomains that you can buy right now so you can see guitar tips for kids comdatayou is domain available and you might not be able to see me because it's sortof behind the camera here but it does say here for strum easy guitar songsokay its domain available as well domain available hopefully you can seethis if you want to buy this software click the link just in the descriptionbelow I've got a special bonus for you if you pick this up for my link but I'mgonna show you a few more cool things about this software here is example inanother niche this is Anisha I just typed in healthy foods and we've gotseven target links here if we choose has available domains once again we've gottwo videos with tens of thousands of years we can buy this domain and it'savailable right now so if you buy it now you'll start getting traffic pretty muchright now as well now this is just YouTube you can do these in a lot ofother web sites so we haven't even started looking at what you can do onQuora on BBC on wiki but you can do this exact same thingwhen you're doing the search just type in the search to occur on eitherWikipedia or on BBC or on Quora and that just gives you moreopportunities to find these broken links and then buy those domains and startgetting traffic like this instantly if you do want to pick this up then if yougrab this through my link I've actually got a really good bonus for you justcheck the links in the description you'll see all the information thereyou'll only get those bonuses if you pick this up through my link just aquick preview of the sales page so once you click the link below you need toenter your email address to get my bonus then you will be landing on this pageand as you can see it says new web app lets you turn a profit in under 24 hoursby leaving the hydrogen free traffic and authority from four of the biggest sitesonline so that's Wikipedia YouTube BBC and quarry can find those broken linksand you can sort of acquire the domains that are currently broken they'll becomeyours you can see some people have had reallygood results here the users oh by the way I found a weight loss domain fromYouTube video that had over 600,000 views now imagine your link on a videowith 600,000 views some more people for example this person G here turned a ninedollar domain into one and a half thousand dollars in affiliate earningsso you can read all of that yourselves on their page but I just want to showyou all of the features that you're going to get so there are unlimitedkeyword and niche research so you can search this keyword you can searchniches anything you want you saw how fast it isyou can hijack that traffic and authority from Wikipedia YouTube BBC andQuora the software also has that hands-free domain checker so you canactually check those domains for as well make sure that you can find ones thatare already available there's lots of options you can search by relevance orviews you can add or remove domains to skip the results and of course you canexport your data as well so that you can do all of the research then just exportall of the data go in get all those domains and start getting the trafficright now the price for the software is going to be 33 dollars today but it willbe going up because they currently have got a special promotion so the price onthe software will be goin

g up as the time goes on highly roverall.I

ecommendthat you grab traffic jockey if you really need to start getting yourtraffic fast to your affiliate links to your websitethank you so much for watching if you want other videos on traffic generationthen check the two links of just above here on the screenalso make sure don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel you can do thisfrom this same screen here thank you so much for watching I'll see in the nextvideo 

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