Hi everyone i want to talk about the good and the bad and so the first good thing   is the camera in fact this entire video is being recorded with the back camera of the iphone 12 pro   in 4k 60 frames per second and as you can see here it's in hdr so if you have hdr as an option   on your browser or youtube make sure you turn that on as this is in 4k hdr so you can see the   quality of the camera i'm not using any external microphones so whatever you hear whether it be   the environment the ambient sounds around me or just my voice it's all coming from the microphone   of the iphone 12 pro so this should give you a general idea of what to expect now of course we do   have two other cameras and they take really nice photos i think they fixed some of the color issues   that they were having in previous years and in general i think the photos are a little bit better   i took quite a few as you can see here this is the same sort of area that i'm in now and i think they   look pretty good in general they're nice and clear and even the night photos look amazing   of course if you're using a 30 second exposure on a tripod you're going to get the best experience   and you can see how bright and vibrant these are with the new lens that's in the iphone 12 pro   now along with the great camera during the day we have the new lidar sensor at night and it does a   great job with auto focus and tracking because it's using lasers to actually sense depth it's   bouncing lasers off me back to it to sense the actual depth where you can't normally see depth   in this sort of dim lit condition it also is great for augmented reality with maybe sensing object   tracking and also with 3d scanning i've seen some of this on the ipad pro with room scanning   and what it can do is pretty amazing so i think what we'll have in the future will be much more   significant than what we have right now but for now it's great with auto focus and portrait mode   and augmented reality so hopefully we see more of that maybe in the years to come now we'll   have to wait for the iphone 12 pro max that has the new sensor shift stabilization and bigger   sensor but i think in general this is an upgrade over last year it may not be a giant jump but   it's definitely an improvement now one thing that really contributes to the overall quality of the   photos and the video you're seeing now is the new neural engine that's found on the a14 cpu   and this is a very big upgrade if you're coming from an older phone in fact my wife switched from   an iphone 10 to the 12 pro and immediately noticed how fast applications were opening and just   said this thing feels so fast and so that's not something i considered coming from the 11 pro max   but if you're coming from a phone from a couple years ago you'll definitely notice   an improvement in overall speed and usability switching between apps isn't a problem   and apps stay open longer when you're in it ram management is great they don't normally close and   hopefully i don't get rain down here but they don't really close in the background   and in general it's just a much faster processor that i think will last years to come so at least   five years or so because this thing is so fast just in general now one of the big changes this   year is its overall design it's somewhere between the iphone 4 and 5 and the reason i say between is   because the outside rim is stainless steel with glass front and back so you have that stainless   steel on the outside like an iphone 4 but you have sort of the flattened edges of the iphone 5 and 5s   so this is a great design it's one of my favorite designs in fact this is my favorite design   except for the stainless steel being very prone to fingerprints there's not really any negatives   to this design it's easier to grip because it's squared off and it doesn't feel like it's going   to fall out of your hands because of that it is a fingerprint magnet so you'll want a case if   that's something that bothers you or a skin or on the outside edge but the matte finish on the back   is something i really like and just in general i love this design and that leads me to the display   the display is easy to see in the sunlight it goes up to 800 nits of brightness and it's hdr when   you're watching hdr content it goes up to 1200 nits of brightness and you definitely can see this   hopefully you can see it on this video but there's some amazing brights and darks in this display and   it's an oled display every display gets oled this year and some people may be turned off by that if   pwm bothers you and you have sensitivity to light but i have that problem in this display doesn't   bother me at all even though it's flickering it must be at a higher rate where there's something   different about it so it really doesn't bother my eyes at any brightness level despite it flickering   at all now along with that display of course you need some quality speakers if you're going to be   watching hdr content on it and i would say apple delivered again on this it was great with the 11   pro max i think the only difference is it's a little clearer at higher volumes with the 12   pro definitely the best watch apple has made and i don't just say that because it's new there's a lot   of positives but first let's talk about what's new so the first thing that's new so it goes nice and   loud around two decibels louder or maybe about the same but in general it's nice and loud sounds good   and i really have no complaints when it comes to the speaker now before we talk about what's bad   there's a few things that are good and bad and so the first thing has to do with the display   it has ceramic shield so it's four times less likely to break if you drop it   the problem with that is is i'm not seeing much of an improvement with scratch resistance in fact   the iphone 12 has the same ceramic shield on it and it had some light scratches on it after the   first couple days of use i'm not sure where they came from but it was scratched now it may scratch   less than last year's iphone 11 and 11 pro and 11 pro max but in my experience most people are going   to want a screen protector on this display because of that so just keep that in mind it's glass glass   scratches depending on what you're hitting it with whether that be rocks or a diamond from a ring   it will scratch and it will scratch if you bump a sapphire display camera into it as well so just   keep those things in mind put a screen protector on it if that's something that's going to bother   you now another sort of neutral thing is magsafe magsafe connects to the back of a case or the back   of the phone and allows you to charge wirelessly while using it so it's using wireless charging   technology but also adheres to make for a better charging experience and faster speeds   i'm sort of neutral about this because you still have to disconnect it from the back of the phone   and of course you have these wireless charging cases which are nice and i'm kind of mixed about   this ring i kind of like it but it reminds me of the apple campus or ample park campus so i think   it's nice and it will make for some interesting accessories in the future and i think that's what   it's all about but i like magsafe overall whether or not you need that wireless charger though   i'm kind of neutral about it if you already have a fast charger you might want to skip it because   you're going to have to plug into the port anyway but i think it is the first step in apple offering   a fully wireless iphone so maybe we'll see that with next year's iphone or a couple years out but   because it has a magnetometer and nfc and maybe in the future it can transmit data back and forth   i think that is the first step towards the next phone which will be wireless i'm thinking that's   what apple's doing now the last thing that's both good and bad or sort of neutral is 5g and the   reason i say good and bad is 5g is super fast now where i live t-mobile has very good 5g coverage   that's who i'm using at least in this phone and i've got two bars of 5g at 2 bars of 5g i have   plenty of speed it's super fast and i have an improvement over 4g not everybody is seeing this   depending on the carrier it makes a big difference but some people may see a big improvement some   may not and if you have verizon and you have 5g with millimeter wave you'll get an improvement   as far as that goes because you'll have that extra speed however the millimeter wave antenna is only   available in the united states and it's really hit or miss in the charlotte area where i'm at   it's really hit or miss you have to be downtown in the charlotte area or uptown as they call it here   in a certain corner kind of in line of sight and holding out your phone to get the best speeds   apple says up to four gigabits per second i'm not going to see that because i have t-mobile   and i don't have millimeter wave that i'm aware of in any areas around me   so it's really a verizon thing and soon an att thing maybe we'll see it more widespread   later on but it's really hit or miss and to me that part's not worth it but 5g in general is   an improvement but the area where it's not an improvement is the battery if you're using 5g   a lot you're going to notice a battery hit of one to two hours depending on how much you're using it   of course there's an option to turn off 5g if you want to do that and you can do that certainly if   you're not seeing a benefit but apple is actually managing this by themselves giving you 5g when   it's a benefit and when it's not they turn it off even though it still shows 5g in the upper right   this does help save battery and that moves me over to my first negative is battery life   if you're using 5g like i am five and a half to six hours is what i'm seeing consistently   on the iPhone 12 pro now with the 12 pro max i may see an improvement but i got five and a half   hours with a hundred percent use of my battery yesterday and a couple hours of screen off time   meaning it's playing music in the background or something along those lines where you just have   some media playing or it's doing some background activity consistently i'm seeing five and a   half to six hours with my normal use so that's something that may or may not matter to you but   that leads me over to the next thing is there's no charger in the box now this is not a problem for   me i have an 11 pro and 11 pro max and wireless chargers and i can use any of those that's not   a problem it's saving the environment for me personally because i don't need those chargers   but for those of you that are new to iPhone i see this is sort of a hit or miss it really depends   on what you have as far as chargers lying around you'll get the best speeds with apple's 20 watt   charger you could use a macbook charger you could use last year's charger but if you don't have one   you're going to have to spend about 20 to get one on a positive note apple is giving you an extra   64 gigs or so of ram with the iPhone 12 pro over last year's with the price so they didn't change   the price this isn't really a positive or negative it's just the same price but they are giving you   an extra 64 gigs of ram for the same 9.99 to start so that's a positive and that sort of makes up for   the lack of a charger so it's kind of a win but a mess with the charger it just depends on how   you look at it i kind of see it as a neutral thing depending on your experience overall and whether   or not you have a charger lying around the house in conclusion the iPhone 12 pro is a great size i   think the display overall in the overall feel of it is probably the right size for most people i   think this is something that i could use full time instead of the 12 pro max i'll have to wait and   see once i get that and see if there's any huge improvements in the camera with the new sensors   but the 12 pro is definitely recommended especially if you're coming from an iPhone   10 or 10s i think it's a big upgrade as far as speed and cameras if you're on an 11 or 11 pro   now you may want to wait until next year's phone it really depends on what matters most to you   the new design is something i've been waiting for for years and so this is something that i've   been waiting for to have and i would upgrade just for the design personally but it really   depends on the budget how you're using your phone regularly if it's something you use a lotor not   it's going to make a difference for you let me know what you think of the iPhone 12 pro and also   what's your favorite color this is the pacific blue the graphite looks really nice so does   silver i'm not a big fan of gold but i know a lot of people love it what's your favorite color i'd   love to hear from you in the comments below if as far as the phone.

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