We have The Apple Watch SE in the studio today. I have uploaded step-by-step tutorials on all Apple Watches and the links are in the description. There's a lot of confusion about buying the Nike or stainless edition, so I've tried to clear your doubts. Don't forget to subscribe if you're new to the channel so you don't miss out out on my next Ipad 8 gen video. Let's start the unboxing. I also have the Apple Watch Series 5 to compare. So go ahead and pull the tab. Go ahead and remove the box. After this, I'll work on Apple Watch Series 6 so stay tuned.

 This is a budget model and is cheaper than the normal watches. We'll talk more about the price later. Apple Watch SE is only available with aluminum cases. I have a space gray aluminum case here. You can choose the 40 mm or 44 mm case. The style is the same as the other watches. Finally, let's remove the watch by pulling on the side tabs. Like all Apple watches, you get a separate box for the band and the watch. If you're wondering why I have space gray, it's because this was the only color available for early shipping. When you open the box, you'll find a piece engraved with 'Designed by Apple in California'. You have a magnetic charging cable instead of a USB power adapter. You just need a USB-A port which is readily available in any charger. Unfortunately, this time you don't get Apple stickers....Bummer! Other than that, you have some instructions and manuals. This is a USB-A power adapter that I already had so you don't have to buy a new one. Use what you have. Since this is a budget model, the watch is wrapped in paper instead of an Alcantara cloth. A budget model will cut back in some way and I think Apple did that by taking away the Alcantara covering. The ceramic glass back is exactly the same as the other Apple watches. This is a 44 mm. As you can see, there aren't any physical differences between the Apple Watch SE and Series 5. The speaker grilles, crown, buttons, and mic are all in the same spots. Series 5 is already on so let's turn on the SE too. First of all, let's see the band. It's nothing fancy; just a regular black sports band. You can see the Apple Watch logo on the box. You get loops in two sizes; one a little bigger than the other. 

The connector bit is the same for everyone. So let's go ahead and connect it to the watch. The band is connected and now time to turn it on. There's a separate video if you need a step-by-step for the setup. The link is in the description. A new feature you'll find is set up for a family member. This is useful for family members who own an Apple watch but not iPhone. For now, I'll set up for myself. Hold the watch to the camera then select set up a new watch. While the watch is being set up, let me tell you more about the Apple Watch SE. This black sports band comes free with the Apple Watch SE. You can also choose a sports loop, for free. This fits on like a loop bracelet and isn't adjustable. It's ordered to your exact wrist size. The plain sports loop is free but braided sports loops are $50 plus the watch price. I've ordered the band separately so I had to pay $99 plus tax. The same thing with leather straps; it's $50 extra with the watch and $99 separately. The sensors are the same in the Apple Watch SE and Series 5. In SE, you won't find ECG and oximeter. The rest of the features are the same. Even in a side-by-side comparison, you won't be able to tell a difference the front and back look the same. While the SE package shows the Apple Watch logo in black, the Series 5 packaging has the logo engraved. The box sizes are also different. The SE box is much narrower than the Series 5. Apple is environment-friendly and that definitely shows in the packaging. Now, let's get back to the setup. To compare the display with the Apple Watch Series 5 and 6, the screen is exactly the same to look at. The resolution and brightness will be exactly the same. The only difference is you won't get 'always-on-display' in SE. You can see I'm wearing the Apple Watch SE and Series 5. Series 6 is coming. The price of Apple Watch SE is $279 for the 40 mm and $309 for $44 mm. You pay the set price plus tax. I've paid $29 in tax. In India, the prices for the 40 mm GPS version is Rs. 29,900, and the 44 mm cellular version is Rs. 33,900. SE is only available with aluminum cases. There are 3 color choices: gold, silver, and space gray. You have a variety of band options available: Sports band, loops, braided, or leather. 

You can also find the Nike edition in SE. The difference is in the watch face and the straps/bands. The band choices are limited to the sports band or sports loop band. From my first impressions, I think the SE quality is the same as Series 5 and 6. If you're looking to buy, I would definitely recommend SE. I don't recommend Series 3 because the screen size is much smaller. Series 3 and under have an 8GB storage; Series 4 has 16GB; and Series 5, 6, and SE have 32GB storage. To sum it up, SE doesn't have ECG, Oximeter, and always-on-display. Everything else is the same as Series 5 and 6. For those wondering if you should buy stainless steel, I'd recommend don't go for it. This is because stainless steel is easily scratched so I suggest the aluminum case. Another question is cellular or GPS. So I'd say GPS. Cellular is $10 extra per month. The comparison chart is on the website. In SE and series 6, you'll also find always-on-altimeter, internal calling, and fall detection. This completes my video on the Apple Watch SE. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe! Follow me on Instagram for new updates. Subscribe here and press the bell icon to get notifications. Till then, I'll see you in the next video. 

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