Search Engine Optimization. Sounds complicated, right? Well it is, but good thing there's tools like SEMrush to help us master SEO for our websites. Now look. If you want your website to rank on the firstpage of Google, you need to get up to speed with SEO. SEMrush makes it pretty darn easy to wrapyour head around SEO which will, in turn, help your website rank on Google. So knowing this, here are ten SEMrush toolsand features that can instantly improve your SEO. The first one right off the bat here is the Keyword Magic Tool One of the most important aspects of SEO is keyword research.

Without knowing what your potential visitorsare searching for, it’s almost impossible to serve their needs. Keyword research gives you insight into whatyour potential visitors are looking for. With this information, you can easily determineif it’s worth your time to target certain keywords. Otherwise, you’re essentially shooting inthe dark if you choose to write your content without first conducting proper keyword research. Number two here is the Site Audit which I consider to be a core component of SEMrush. You know, what used to be a painful and manual processis now an automated health check.

The Site Audit is a comprehensive technicalaudit that generates the following five categories of SEO reportsCrawlability HTTPSSite Performance Internal Linkingand International SEO Now depending on the severity, results arecategorized into either error, warning, or notice. I personally think the best part is that youcan run a site audit whenever you want in addition to scheduling it to run automaticallyon a daily or weekly basis. Number three here... Site Performance.Another big aspect of SEO is site speed. As you know, Google prefers fast websites,especially on mobile. “53% of mobile site visits were abandonedif a page took longer than 3 seconds to load” according to Google. A great tool to monitor and fix site speed is SEMrush’s Site Performance dashboard. While Site Performance is technically partof the Site Audit report, it’s worth mentioning separately here because of how important it is.

Not only do you get valuable insight intohow fast your pages are loading, but the report gives you a list of actionable performanceissues related to uncompressed resources and other inefficiencies that can easily be fixed. Number four is the SEO Content Template.Wether you know it of not, a very powerful SEO technique is to study the top ten search results for a particular keywordthat you want to target. You know, doesn’t this make perfect sense to understand your competition, even before writing your first word? This highly effective SEO technique is actually a very time consuming effort, and that’s where the SEO Content Template comesinto the picture. By entering your target keyword (or keywords),SEMrush will analyze the top ten search results on Google. Based on this information, you will get recommendationson how to craft your content in a way that is able to contend with your competition.

Recommendations include semantically relatedkeywords, average readability scores, and recommended text length based on the top tensearch results. This information is extremely valuable inorder for Google to even consider your content worthy enough to appear on the first pageof search results. Moving right along to number five here we have the SEO Writing Assistant which brings some of the most important aspects of search engine optimizationright into WordPress as a plugin. Don't worry if you're not on WordPress. There's also a Google Docs Add-On for the SEO Writing Assistant.

 Now I want you guys to think of the SEO Writing Assistant as kind of a virtualSEO helper that gives you real-time feedback on the quality of your content as you writeit. But, you know, the SEO Writing Assistant goes far beyondkeyword recommendations. In fact, the writing assistant gives you anoverall score based on your content’s readability, SEO, tone of voice, and Originality. By heeding these recommendations, you can essentiallycraft the perfect piece of content that’s optimized for search engines without evenleaving your browser tab. Number six is the On Page SEO Checker.Now wether you know it or not, Google pushes out multiple changes to its search engine algorithm per day, and knowing this it’s nearlyimpossible to keep up with the the ever-changing best practices. Now while most of these algorithm changes aren’thuge, it’s probably best to rely on experts like SEMrush to automatically monitor yourwebsite’s compliance. In addition to analyzing Google ranking factors,the On Page SEO Checker also gives you actionable recommendations categorized into theseideas. By acting upon the ideas from the On Page SEO Checker, SEMrush is confident thatyou’ll see an increase in your organic traffic.

Moving right along to number seven we have Backlink Analytics.A major ranking factor in organic search results is the number and quality of backlinks toyour website. What is a backlink? A backlink is simply a link from another websiteback to your website. The simplified theory is that the more websitesthat link to your site, the more reputable your website is. But in reality it’s not this simple. Not all backlinks are created equal. Some backlinks are spammy while others arelegit. SEMrush is able to assess the quality of backlinksand give each website a score. With this information, you can easily discoverand/or pursue obtaining high quality backlinks to your site without wasting your time onlow-value backlinks. Number eight is the Backlink Audit tool.Part of SEMrush’s project dashboard is the Backlink Audit tool. By monitoring and examining the quality ofbacklinks pointing to your website, the Backlink Audit tool provides you with actionable insightsinto the websites linking to you. Based on certain factors, backlinks are categorizedinto one of the three categories: non-toxic, potentially toxic, or toxic. A toxic or potentially toxic backlink probablyfrom a spammy website does not reflect well on your website’s domain authority.

While Google does a pretty good job at recognizing you’re not at fault here, it’s a good idea to occasionally remove your site’sassociation to these toxic sites. This becomes an extremely easy task with thedisavow feature that’s built right into the backlink audit dashboard. All right guys, number nine here is Position Tracking.It’s always good practice to keep an eye on where your pages rank on Google for yourtarget keywords. With the Position Tracking tools, you don’thave to lift a finger to do so. Daily statistics detailing which pages areranking and the corresponding ranking position are automatically generated for you. With this wealth of information, you can easilytrack how your pages are ranking on Google over time. Now because SEMrush realizes it’s importantfor website owners to track how their website ranks on Google, they’ve developed a positiontracking app. The app, which is available for Android andiOS, allows you to monitor your daily ranking fluctuations right from your cell phone.

And finally number ten here is the SEO Dashboard.With all this helpful SEO data, it’s valuable to have it all in one place, and that’s where the SEO Dashboard reigns supreme. You’ll find an overview of pretty much everySEMrush feature that I mentioned on the SEO Dashboard. Everything from your Site Audit health scoreto backlinks and On Page SEO recommendations. Even more, the dashboard is customizable aseach overview box is drag and droppable, so you can customize the dashboard to your liking. Now while the dashboard won’t replace your searchengine optimization efforts, it will provide you with a quick overview of your website’s healthand performance. Now guys, if you want to master your website’sSEO, I want to offer you a free 2 week SEMrush trial down below. This will give you full access to all the SEO tools mentioned and so, so much more. If you have any questions about SEMrush, letme know in the comments below.

As someone who is familiar with and lovesthis product, I’m more than happy to help you out. That’s all I got for you guys today. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up. If you really liked it, subscribe to this channel. And if you do, I'll see you in the next one. 

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